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Understanding The Balance Sheet: Assets and how to build Net Worth

One important financial goal of most businesses and individuals is to increase net worth. But how is that accomplished?

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4 Applications – Nerd’s Guide To Going Paperless

Going paperless not only saves trees, but it also makes for a very convenient digital environment. It will always be 10 x (or more) faster to find things that are stored digitally compared with the time it takes to find something in a shoebox or even a paper file, not to mention that pile of papers sitting to your right on your desk that you are scared to go through and find out what you overlooked 🙂

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QuickBooks Tip: Learn How to Post Transactions

To learn how to post transactions, set up a blank company file and run a Balance Sheet and P&L for all dates so that you have two completely blank reports. Then post your transactions and see what the impact is on the financial statements. Make sure you refresh your reports. Ask yourself if the results make sense.

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