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Friday 8/18/17 - BQE Core with Shafat Qazi -  Register Now Friday 8/25/17 - TBD Friday 9/1/17 - TBD Friday 9/8/17 - TBD Friday 9/15/17 - TBD Friday 9/22/17 - Google Apps with Ada Barlatt - Register...
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Please Bare With Us. Or Bear With Us. Whichever Works!

Our goal is to help you reach your goal. In our excitement about doing that, we wanted to launch our new website right away. However, there are a few kinks to work out, and some updates that still need to be made. Please be patient while we sort this all out!
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Social media has caused us to define the term very loosely. Too loosely, in my not so humble opinion. Until recently I even ran with the notion that since I knew somebody from high school, it meant something. I just learned why that isn't true. An interaction I had...
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Nerd Enterprises, Inc.

Our goal is to improve our client’s lives so profoundly, they couldn‘t imagine working with anyone else!

Seth David founded Nerd Enterprises, Inc. in 2003, with one basic principal at the core of everything we do:

  • We help you win!
  • Are you here because you need a good set of books?
  • Need to present solid financial statements to your bank for financing?

Seth David has been listed by Intuit, inc, As a “Top 40 Global influencer.”

After uploading many QuickBooks videos to YouTube, Seth David has made a name for himself in the small business accounting industry.

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