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Nothing is the Place of Infinite Possibility

Somewhere along the way when I got sober I heard the words, “nothing is the place of infinite possibility.” I had been stripped of everything. My family couldn't trust me. I had lied to every single person I knew. My bankruptcy was complete on every level, especially...

Create Revenue Projections For Your Accounting Or Bookkeeping Practice

Accounting professionals can offer a wide range of services. Bookkeeping, Tax Prep, CFO services, and other advisory services.You will find that it is incredibly useful to sit down and spec out those services that you offer. Look at what the monthly fees are for each...

Create Revenue Projections for your Real Estate Business

Real Estate Professionals can have a hard time managing their finances. It’s feast or famine in many cases. You work long and hard on a listing, and the time between commission can be stressful. You will find it useful to sketch out the listings you have, and what the...

Nerd Enterprises, Inc.

Our goal is to improve our clients' lives so profoundly, they couldn‘t imagine working with anyone else!

Seth David founded Nerd Enterprises, Inc. in 2003, with one basic principal at the core of everything we do:

  • We help you win!
  • Are you here because you need a good set of books?
  • Need to present solid financial statements to your bank for financing?

Seth David has been listed by Intuit, inc, As a “Top 40 Global Influencer.”

"After uploading many QuickBooks videos to YouTube, Seth David has made a name for himself in the small business accounting industry."

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