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“Seth is an amazing individual in addition to being a leader in his field. A pioneer is actually more appropriate. Seth is at the forefront of accounting services, harnessing the power of video technology to revolutionize the way businesses acquire knowledge and practical skills. If that is not enough, he is a marvel with social media.” March 12, 2012–Kimberly Reynolds, Founder/Developer, QwikR

“Seth is a valued training resource for anything to do with accounting, bookkeeping, Quickbooks, social media, online tools and strategies. He is a pioneer presenter on Google+. He's one of the first people I think of when I want to know something useful online. Highly recommended.” February 16, 2012–William Baranowski

“Seth David is one of the most uniquely talented Business and Technology Consultants I have had the pleasure to work with. His vast knowledge and experience with every aspect of Financial Principals not only from big picture system strategies, but he can train and implement anything within these Business Systems as well. On top of this Seth possesses a level of understanding of the software tools required to run a successful business and I am always learning a new tip or trick about Quick Books, Excel or general Financial Advice, from him. He also has clear understanding and passion for Social Media and B2B Marketing Strategies to help grow your business and he clearly draws upon proven methodologies that he himself uses and then shares and builds communities around this. Anyone looking for a business consultant, accountant, book keeper, social media strategist or any other financial need will be thrilled with their choice to work with Seth.” June 30, 2010–Scott Carrey, Digital Media & Technology Specialist, S.K. Carrey Productions, Inc.