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What happened

Steven by his own admission was a “big doofus” in high school. By the time he was 8 years old, he knew he wanted to be in the military.

As a senior in HS Eugene was 6’2” and 240lbs

His reasons for wanting to be in the military was mainly patriotic, but also to get out of where he was.

10 days after High School he was sworn in, but on the way he was stopped to pay some underage drinking fines. His entry was delayed 10 days.

Eventually he was shipped off to Germany, just after shaving the mullet off.

In boot camp, he was slow, so he made sure he was in front, because that would force him to keep going and not quit. Sometimes he would even vomit on himself as he was running, because he would not give up.

One day he was having trouble jumping over the wall. His drill sergeant came over, threw Steven down to the ground, put his foot on Steven’s neck, and insulted him with every possible word.

At that point he got up, and said (to himself), “I’ll show you” and he got right up and climbed over the wall.

That was when he learned that the mind is truly more powerful than the body.

From that point on, he was capable of anything.

Do What You Can’t:

Being in the military taught Steven leadership skill sure enough, but what it really taught him was show him that there was nothing that could stop him.

He went to Iraq (first Gulf War)

Steven shares a story at the end of the first segment, about a little girl he encounters while he was in battle. As she approaches he see’s that she’s badly burnt. He reaches into his grenade pocket and pulls out a candy and hands it to her.

She smiled.

In that moment, he realized he has nothing ever to complain about.


What it was like

Perhaps surprisingly being IN the war was not scary. Steven explains, it’s like being in a movie.

It doesn’t hit you until after you’re out. Years later.

That’s when the trouble starts.

That’s when the PTSD hit.

Initially he pushed it away and buried it, but it kept coming back.

Then he wrote a book about being in the military and going to war. It’s only available in German.

All of the things you “hear about” happened. There were suicide attempts among other things.

The only thing that held him together was that he always had this gut feeling that he’s here to make a difference.

Stevens twin brother scott helped him, along with some friends.

Steven explains what PTSD looks like for him.

You have to ALLOW people to help you.

How do you choose the right people to ask for help?

Sometimes you have to test people. Give them a little to work with and see what they do with it.

Steven called friends who had shown him they genuinely cared, so he know.

Also seek a professional. You don’t need your “friends” telling you to “get over it.”

For business help? Steven looks for “experience” not just knowledge.

When you’re stuck, look at your feet.

Ask yourself, where you are? Right here. What time is it? Don’t look at your watch. The only answer is “right now!”


What it’s like today

Steven lives in Budapest with his wife and kids. He says he’s living the dream!

Steven’s journey isn’t about motivation. It was about finding out who he really was. He had a lot of businesses over the years. Health clubs, night clubs, and he generally did everything he wanted to do.

It took years to get that out of his system, but it gave him a very diverse background. Now he works with politicians.

Steven just bought a house which he manifested by taking time to visualize the house he wanted.

He went on some trips where he used natural plants and spent time with indigenous people, he and went in with specific intentions. One was wanting to speak.

Steven’s Miracle Morning:

  • He journals his intentions.
  • He meditates.
  • Then he reads.

Our conscious brain trains the unconscious. You have to let go. This works with driving, which becomes second nature. This works with wealth too.

We have to learn to drop expectations.

If you give something, don’t expect any particular reaction. Just give because you want to. When you receive something, if you don’t have the reaction they were hoping for

Steven’s Go To’s

Steven rarely reads a whole book. He’ll just flip something open and just read it. He takes “intuitive excerpts.”

Steven was on the EOF Podcast:

2019: Creating your own H.I.T. Squad – The human sales funnel with Steven Eugene Kuhn

How to Find Steven:

What Steven Does:

He helps people find immediate revenue for their products.


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