I have bad news for you!

No one is listening!

You can talk about your why.

You can say, “This is a game changer,” and saying that is probably the kiss of death.

You can go live on Facebook and scream and shout, and get all excited about achieving your dreams.

But no one is listening.

And no one will have any clue what you are talking about. They will just know that you are excited about “something” but they will never learn what. And this is obviously impacting your business.

I’m going to share with you a better way to earn people’s valuable attention.


Because we’re immune to seeing, hearing, and even speaking the same things over and over again. Sameness = invisibility so no one sees you.

Am I talking about you? Only you can decide that for yourself.

Your videos are overproduced. So I get no sense of the real you, and I’m left with a cold and distant feeling of what a commercial gives me. Something to buy.

Your content (if you’re even doing any) is the same old boring stuff that everyone else is doing.

Your content has to be about others. It has to deliver value.

Make it new again. Look for unique language and ways of saying things instead of the same old catch phrases.

Talk to your customer. When you produce content, it needs to feel like you’re in a one-on-one conversation with someone in your target audience. Lose the YOU, and make it about THEM.

This is the solution to the problem

You need copy, and content that stands out. It has to say something.

It needs to grab people by the eyeballs and suck them in.

For instance, in your newsletter, you have to write headlines that sell people on reading the rest of what you’ve written.

Your headline has to do the following three things:

  • Stop the reader in their tracks
  • Make a promise
  • Evoke curiosity and compel them to read on

Write sub-headers in your copy that carries the reader along your journey.

  • Lead the reader through the body to get the gist of you’re message
  • You have to get past the readers skepticism
  • If you can get them to read, then all you have to do next is lay out your call to action

I want to share a little secret. Copywriters call that what I JUST did “deck copy.” I don’t know why.

It basically means, make a sentence here and there bold for emphasis, and you know what?

It works!

Your copy needs a GREAT body that offers incredible value. Give people something they can use. Give a very concrete and valuable example of something people can learn from you. It has to be something they can walk away with without giving you a dime.

THIS is the kind of stuff we’re studying in the Accounting Business Academy. If you want what I’ve got – a self sustaining and ever growing business built on a 24/7 lead generation engine, then you have to be willing to do what I’ve done. What I am still doing.

I just published the latest part of my course called Become a Content Creation Machine. What we’re talking about right now shows up in the third section.

The first three sections are:

  • Start Your Accounting Practice, or Start Over
  • Build Your Money Site – A Course in WordPress
  • Become A Content Creation Machine

View the entire course outline here –> Click Here

I’ve built this whole system to be a journey. Just like your own business is unfolding, we explore real world business challenges in simple bite sized ways, that make it easy for you to consume, and then execute when ready.

I think you’d be great for this, but you tell me. Take a peek at this.


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