How to Write Vlookup Formulas in Microsoft Excel

Vlookup formulas in Microsoft Excel are a powerful way to bring data in from one source, and associated with related items in another. One great example of this, where I use it weekly, is in handling the transactions that I export from PayPal and Stripe. Each of these payment processing solutions gives me an export, with all of the transaction data, but not the product information, from my Woo Commerce shopping cart. With an export from my Woo Commerce shopping cart, I can write a Vlookup formula in each of the Stripe, and Paypal exports, to pull in the product that was purchased. This process takes about 30 seconds. The one piece of information that is common to each of these files, is the order number. That’s the lookup value that I use, to find an order in Stripe or Paypal, look it up in the Woo Commerce export, and then give me the product SKU for what was sold. Once I have this information in place, my file is pretty much ready to be imported into QuickBooks, so that I can get reporting in QuickBooks that shows me sales by item.

In this video I show you a simple version of how to write Vlookup formulas in Microsoft Excel. This should give you the foundation you need, so that you can expand upon the concept, and re-write the formula for your own use cases.

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