You’re sitting down and you have so many items on so many to do lists, that you can’t even begin to think of what to do first. It’s so overwhelming, you can’t even figure out how to prioritize them.

Recently my good friend, Soochie posted this in Between Wall and Main

Totally ADD today, simultaneously putting out various fires for various clients… how do you get yourself back on track and set up well for the next day when there’s so many things on your To Do list and they all appear urgent?

First I answered in the group with the following list:

  1. New business is always first. You have a limited window before prospects will go elsewhere, so they come first.
  2. Money making tasks – and that includes things clients will pay you for (or especially if they already have paid)
  3. If you are struggling over which client to focus on first? Who takes the best care of you? The client who always pays you on time, like clockwork, and who never gives you a hard time, should be your first priority – ALWAYS.
  4. Last is always the tasks you need to do for your own business. Your first priority is always bringing money in. Then you will be able to catch up and focus on your own stuff.
  5. If you are completely overwhelmed, then step way. Go use to quite your mind. Make sure you get to sleep early that night, so that the next day you can wake up with a clear head.

Next, activeCollab to the rescue. Watch the video above to see how activeCollab can help solve this problem! What I love about activeCollab is the ability that it gives you to organized your tasks within a project in many ways. This makes it easy to organize the tasks that I want / need to accomplish today very quickly.

You can filter by due date, but that doesn’t always work. There will be tasks, which have gone past their due date, and that can be for a number of reasons. I use the custom labels feature, so I can quickly label the tasks that I absolutely want to get done today, and then filter the tasks by that label. This also gets the rest of the items out of the way, so I can focus on what needs to get done.

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