As someone who works with other businesses I am always interested in other businesses. What do they do? Who do they do it for? Are they successful? If so how do they do it? The answers to these questions always inspires me. That’s why often times when people call me and tell me they would like to meet for lunch or coffee to discuss our respective businesses and what we can do for one another I always accept the invitation even if it is not clear to me how we can either do business together or become power partners.

There is one thing though more than anything else that inspires me about another business. That is when someone leaves the world of employment in favor of starting their own business. I still remember how scary it was for me. So scary that I didn’t do it all at once. I maintained employment at 2 different companies for a while, Tuesday and Thursday at one place, Mon, Wed, & Fri at the other company and worked on other projects that I could grab on nights and weekends. When I had enough that I was comfortable about the prospect of being able to pay my bills on my own clients, I left the CPA firm that I was working at on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Today I am very excited because my wife and I are going to visit our friend Susy in her brand new hair salon. She has been cutting our hair for a while now and she has become a great friend to my wife especially along with some of the other women who worked with her at the previous place. These are all really nice, hard working women who in our opinion were not treated fairly by the owner. My wife has been encouraging Susy to start her own business for years and the greatest compliment ever came when she told my wife yesterday that after hearing it enough from my wife, she finally decided to do it! I am so excited for her even as I write this and we are heading over there in a little while with some pastries I picked up earlier today at Portos to congratulate her on this courageous move! This is the thing that inspires me the most.

I am so excited for her that I am going over there with my camera to take as many pictures as I can and I am going to offer to help her with her accounting, a web site, and her online marketing if she wants the help! I am also going to build a site within my web of Nerd sites who’s purpose will be to display businesses that I like, either because I use their products or services or because I work with them.

What about other businesses inspires you?