I was just telling someone the other day that I would not want to blog with an iPad because it would seem impractical to type on a device like that, yet here I am tapping out this post on my Droid phone as I sit in a coffee shop. I’m not even using the slide out keyboard because I just discovered that the virtual keyboard when you turn the Droid sideways works really well. What’s more is I am using the WordPress app for my Droid in order to bring you this post. Mostly I am doing this as a test, but I really just love the idea that on a whim when I am inspired to I can write and publish. No waiting, I can do this right now. We have definitely moved from the information age to the age of “now”. Now lets see if I can upload a picture easily enough. It will also be interesting to see how many typos I have, so I apologize in advance for that!