Weekly Pep Talk With Danetha Doe

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This week we had a special guest – the lovely, Danetha Doe, discussing Marketing, and Branding for accountants and bookkeepers. The best way to get everything out of this is to watch the video, and go through it with her. Also make sure you are signed up for the e-mail list (to your right) and in the next e-mail I send out, there will be a link to download a PDF of her slides.

Here are some highlights. These are notes I jotted down, while we were watching Danetha.

How do you make a client feel when they work with you?

Clients often tell me they feel relieved after the first conversation on the phone with me. This is what tells me I am doing my job well.


Interesting history regarding branding:
Brand is an identifying mark that used to be burned on livestock and criminals.

What will someone think of when they hear your name, or see your logo?

(eg) funny name, serious business
What is your why? Simon Sinek – the TED Talk is great, the book, is even better.
There is no competition.

Deck will be included in the next e-mail. Got notes of your own to add? Post a comment below!

Action items listed on slides – great stuff!

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