What can I do with 140 Characters to build my business using Twitter?

I am sitting in a CPA’s office. There are files stacked up from the floor to the height of the desk, like little landmines all throughout the office. Each one represents a different client who’s tax returns have been preliminarily completed by the staff CPA now waiting to be reviewed and hopefully signed off by the partner. The partner looks at me and says “Twitter?! What on earth should I be doing with Twitter and how can I use it to build my business?” The CPA continues as I am frequently asked, especially by CPA’s “Seth what can I do with 140 Characters?”

The first piece of advice I have to give them is to start building content – free information that prospects and prospective referrers of business can use. The second piece of advice is just get out there and get in on the conversation. Start talking to people on Twitter. Reply to what people are saying, retweet their stuff when you like it and go around the web, find other people’s articles and post them on Twitter. Bottom line is get people in the habit of knowing that what they can expect to see from you is valuable input, and they will find it refreshing when they see it is not all your own. You should be building a library of this kind of content while you are starting out so that eventually you can do the same thing. What begins to happen is that people see what you are putting out there and they go to check you out. It’s a building process so it does take time but they will come and they will either hire you or refer people to you.

Networking on Twitter

Twitter is a 24/7 online networking group and it is a very big sea so you have to learn how to segment it and find the community that will best serve your business interests. You really don’t want to do any selling here. You wouldn’t walk into your local Chamber of Commerce meeting and start selling them your product or service. People would be turned off and they wouldn’t talk to you. On the other hand if you’ve got something free to offer, that’s great, but before you even do that just talk to people. That is the most basic and yet probably the best and most practical advice I can give you for how to build your business with Twitter. Just go out and talk to people!

“But Seth I really don’t have the time for this” the CPA tells me.

“An hour/day on Twitter or any social network is really all it takes” is my answer. “Can you spare 1 hour/day if it gets you 1 new client each month?

So how do you know if/when Twitter paying off for your company in the most literal sense?

If you aren’t already you have to start asking everyone who calls or walks in your door how they found you. As the clients come in your door you want to set them up in your QuickBooks file with the right information, including how they found you so that later you can report the revenue by social site. This is how you will be able to see the value in the time you are spending and literally calculate your social ROI.

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