Previously on Nerd’s Empire Avenue series I showed you how I use Evernote to keep really good information about shareholders and others on Empire Avenue whom I want to follow closely. This enables me to quickly and easily categorize and reference information about the people I want to connect with. Here’s the thing. A good part of Empire Avenue has to do with numbers. When it comes to numbers I find Excel is the best tool for keeping track of that Data. So I developed a template in Excel that lets you take the information, say that you bookmarked in Evernote and populate it in such a way that you can quickly see the ROI and portfolio value. Of course Empire Avenue gives you this information, but what I have laid out is a template that lets you keep a list of the people you want to follow more closely including a link to their Evernote profile. This will also prove useful as you will see in the video below in terms of being able to sort and group your “favorites” so if for example you want to share your top picks on Chris Voss’ EAV Winners Facebook Group you can use this template to quickly and easily group these people such that it’s a quick copy and paste into your post in the group. My video will demonstrate as an example how you can filter the list by ROI to show only those with an ROI of more than 1%. I am sure once you see the template in the video and download it for free you will develop some of your own ideas about how you can use this.

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