We all use scrap paper. We take notes when we’re on the phone, while we’re sitting in a lecture and for me often times while I am working on something and I just have some thoughts I want to scribble out so I can remember them later. Other times I want to run some calculations and I just open up an MS Excel sheet and lay them all out. I have found in some cases that after closing that “scrap” file in Excel without saving the changes I wished I hadn’t! I wanted to get those #’s back because I had another thought and wanted to play around some more. After experiencing this enough times with both forms of scrap (written and calculations) I got smart, created a note in Evernote called “Scrap” and dropped my excel file in there. Now any time I need to “jot” something down I access that note so it’s all saved and even easily referenced from anywhere because it’s in evernote so I can get to the info from my phone.

Hey the bottom line is it doesn’t cost me anything extra to do this and it can only help! Maybe it can help you too!

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