I know what you’re thinking! Why on earth would I use Evernote for bookmarks when I can store all of my bookmarks in my browser. My answer is that you have more flexibility in Evernote to distinguish and accordingly store things not mention of course, “TAKING NOTES” about the bookmark, why you made it, what you might plan on doing with a particular bookmark and when.

Evernote makes it really easy to create the bookmark by dragging the site’s favicon over to a note page. Then the rest is up to you by assigning the right tags and writing the descriptive text on the note itself so that you can easily find it later in a search. Watch as I demonstrate this for you in this short video on how to use Evernote for bookmarks.

One of the things that can drive me crazy is when I can’t find something and I know where it “should” be but it isn’t there. In this video you will see how I use Tags in Evernote to group bookmarks by various categories so that I can also keep these book marks in different notebooks. This allows me to cross index things in various ways, so if I have a bookmark that is for a site that I think if as a “productivity” site then the note is likely to be in my business related notebook for myself. On the other hand if I have a bookmark for a site that relates to a personal interest then I can keep THAT note in my personal notebook and still have it tagged in bookmarks with all of the other bookmarks. Evernote also lets you use “sub-tags” and you will see how I take advantage of that in this video while I also point out what I feel is a shortcoming in Evernote which I hope they will fix soon!