Use Stars and Pins in Slack to Organize Communication

Stars and pins in Slack are a great way to get organized and make sure you can easily find things you know you’re going to need later on. Long after a message is buried in a channel’s feed.

If you haven’t read Seth David’s Top Tips on Using Slack With Your Clients, click over and read it. This is a drill down on one aspect that was covered in this partner post.

So why a star? Or why a Pin?

On the surface they might seem like the same thing, but there are some important differences.

A Star is like a to do. It’s only for you. So if you know that you’re going to be working on something in a few days, and there is a message you want to reference in slack when you’re working on it, a star is the way to go.

When you access the list of items you’ve starred it’s global. You’ll see a list of everything you’ve starred in every channel.

From the list of starred messages you can easily click over to that message. Then you’ll be working with the message in its original location. This is important because there may be other messages before or after the one you’ve starred that provide needed context.

As you complete these tasks, you can remove the stars just as you might check of a task in your project management system.

A Pin is a bookmark for everyone in that channel. So if you want to make sure everyone can easily find a message, or a file you’ve uploaded, you can pin that message.

When you access pinned messages you will only see the messages that are pinned in that channel.

This is useful if course for collaborating with other members of a channel.

The key differences between stars and pins are as follows:

Stars are for you.

Pins are for everyone.

Stars are global

Pins are channel specific.

Watch the video to see what this looks like.

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