The term “business management” has specific implications. It refers to an accounting service that includes the entire range of functions, from gathering, and storing all of the client’s documents, to paying all of their bills for them.

Many of the types of clients who take advantage of these services, are people who have many accounts. This is why they need this level of help. They, and most people, cannot keep up with all of it. If your prospect is struggling with late fees, and interest, because they aren’t getting their bills paid on time, then they are a candidate for business management services.

There are a series of apps that I use to manage this, but before any of them can be employed, I need all of the information compiled in Smartsheet. This way I have everything I need in one place. Then I can set up alerts, based on trigger dates, so that I’m reminded when a statement cuts. Then I can click over to smartsheet, make sure I’ve archived the document, and scheduled any payments needed by their due dates.

Once this is all set up, it can be maintained less than five minutes every couple of days. Even less.

With this worksheet set up in Smartsheet you can manage all of the clients accounts, as well as their bank balances.

Then you can evolve this system by setting up Hubdoc,, and Qvinci. With these three apps in place, you will have just about the entire accounting cycle automated.

There will be some heavy lifting up front, to get this all set up. You’ll need your client’s cooperation in getting the information, such as all of their logins, but that shouldn’t be an issue. If they’ve hired you for business management, then it stands to reason, that they are motivated to give you everything you need so your client no longer needs to worry about it.

Using Smartsheet for business management is.. well… smart. You can set up your systems and alerts, to make sure you never drop a single ball. Then you just have to remember to check your e-mail 🙂

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