How to Use Evernote Web Clipper to Save Articles

I saw this question asked recently in one of the Facebook groups. I often browse the web in the morning, looking for interesting articles, both for me, and because I like to share. If I find I don’t have the time to read them all, then I want to clip them so I can read them later. Evernote web clipper makes this really easy to do. With over 10,000 notes in Evernote, I need to take 2 more quick steps to ensure I can find it when I have the time to read those thing’s that I’ve marked for “Read Later.”

I know what you’re thinking! That time never comes. For me it actually does.

As part of my goals, and to ensure that I do spent time on the important goals of learning, and educating myself, I have set aside general time in my calendar for reading. It’s called (oddly enough) “reading time.”

When I sit down to read material, I simply go into Evernote, and access the queue of things I’ve tagged, “Read Later.” Sometimes I know exactly what I want to read, other times I start browsing the Read Later tag queue, to see what intrigues me. I can spend an hour reading these articles, and then I can spend another hour studying my current book. Two hours per day of reading time. It helps me relax (spiritual) and it helps me keep learning (mind).

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