We hear more and more about the business of the new world, and how much more automated everything is getting. These apps that I’ve chosen are what I consider to be some of the top 5 examples of that.


Finagraph is the ultimate app for the business of the new world. Finagraph takes your financial data from QuickBooks Desktop, Quickbooks Online, or Xero, and even Microsoft Excel!

Once it grabs your data, that data is compiled into a beautiful dashboard, which gives you the exact kind of intelligence you need, in order to become that most trusted, strategic financial advisor.

Not only does Finagraph give you the information, but it also gives you the knowledge you need, to understand how to interpret what the various ratios and benchmarks actually mean.

Finagraph is a great place to start if you want to learn how to be more of a strategic consultant, and less of a transactional consultant.

When you sat up Finagraph, you will need your NAICS code. This allows you to compare yours or your client’s information to similar companies in your industry. You can also set up your own benchmarks, so rather than compare yourself with others, compare yourself with your own goals.

If you’re an accountant or a bookkeeper, then a great way to get started with Finagraph is, to load it up with your client’s information. Make sure you have their permission. Then review it, analyze it, and make sure you understand it well enough to explain it. Once you feel confident in your ability to explain the results, schedule an appointment to review it with your client.

Finagraph as a marketing tool.

Have a prospect that you want to impress? Offer to do a free analysis of their books, provided they are willing to allow you access. Then link their file up to a client in your Finagraph account. Review the balance sheet, and profit and loss statements, and then review the finagraph analysis. Once you’re ready, schedule the appointment with the prospect to go over the results of your analysis. The only way you DON’T get that client, is they simply can’t afford someone that good 🙂

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