How can anyone claim to be a Social Media Expert? I’ve learned a lot about it over the past year and a half, but I think a “true” expert in this area would know enough about it to say that no one can possibly be an expert at this stage. It’s too new and far too dynamic. Below is a list of probably the most popular sites that allow you to have a “profile” and a “feed”. I think this is the essence of a “social media site” – any site that lets you share information with others.

Social Media Sites

Each and every one of these sites allows you to have a profile and share information with someone. Ask your “Social Media Expert” if they can explain every single one of these sites to you? This is also far from a complete list. For example, Ning is not included on here. I also have created a social network at This one so far is my favorite of the free online social network platforms. When I heard the news that Ning was going to begin charging, I started to play with this one and created “Seth’s Place – Only for the Sexy People“.

Wikipedia also has a nice list of Social Networking Sites

So this is an area that is endless and it keeps growing. In fact a new Social Network is sprouting up even as I type this. Diaspora is a network that is being created and held out as an alternative to Facebook with respect for your privacy. Read more about this here:

So I laugh whenever I see someone’s profile on Twitter, or LinkedIn and it says “Social Media Expert”. Maybe Social Media Enthusiast would be more accurate and certainly more honest. This is such a wide open field still and if you want to get a good laugh about this, be sure and Watch Chris Pirillo’s Video called “Social Media Experts“:

When you look passed the sarcasm in this video the basic message is that all of this stuff is only temporary because it is constantly evolving. Whatever we get used to today will be ancient history in a very short time. As he points out there are devices that haven’t been released yet and services that haven’t been developed yet that will come out and change everything. So call yourself a social media expert and plan for an early retirement, because social media won’t last long. It will be something else. Maybe the next generation will be “Instant Media”. After all the balance of this world is based on “now”. What is happening right now? What are you doing right now?

Here’s my $0.02:

What is your experience with Social Media?

How are you using social media currently?