The Hustle

This column is not about a 70’s disco song.

It’s about what I have to do now.

March 2016 goes down as one of the toughest months I’ve had in business in a very long time. Clients who normally pay like clockwork, not paying. A significant partner cancels a contract without notice. Other clients who are supposed to pay up front, are months behind on paying me. Another large contract informed me that my March 1 invoice won’t be paid until April 22.

My cash flow was squeezed big time this month.

Many people would give up. Thoughts crossed my mind, that normally don’t. Should I throw in the towel and get a job? I’m so sick of this! The cycles, the ups and downs. The ups are great, but this time, more than ever before, the down part had me down right, pissed off!

This first quarter of the year I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about last year. From May – November I went to a lot of conferences, and spoke at every single one, in some way, Shape, or form.

Here’s the truth about conferences for me.
They’ve given me a lot of exposure. My profile has really blown up over the past few years, as one thought leader put it to me. It’s true, and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Doug Sleeter for helping to make that happen. There was a point in time, where he didn’t seem to go two minutes on stage anywhere, without mentioning my name. Doug has been a tremendous friend, mentor, and inspiration to me.

I’ve spent the past three months looking at the prior six months. Was it worth it? In terms of the friendships and camaraderie, there is no question, in a thousand years, it was worth every minute of the time I spent on the road. In fact, that is hands down, the best part of it.

Did it monetize? Not really. Not by a longshot. When I look at where most of my revenue came from, it’s still the Private Education, and THAT comes almost exclusively from small business owners who find me on YouTube. In short, the extra profile, that speaking at conferences has gotten me, hasn’t paid the bills. It’s probably just boosted my ego, and improved my confidence a bit.

Find out what HAS paid the bills

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