One of the top reasons that businesses succeed, is execution.

And what is execution, really,

other than, a  good plan applied consistently?

Consistency is the real key to success, in anything you are trying to accomplish.

  • Want a relationship to work? Show up  for it consistently.
  • Need to lose weight? Get to the root cause of what is causing the excess weight, learn how to eat properly, and in accordance with the cause. Apply that plan consistently, and you’ll lose weight.
  • Want to save money? Set an amount, and put it aside consistently. Make that payment a priority over all others.
  • Want to grow your business? Set your targets up. Develop a plan for how your hit those numbers. Execute that plan consistently, and your success is practically guaranteed.

The reason people don’t succeed, is they don’t follow through or stick with the plan.

We quit too soon, because we don’t see the results, but we don’t give things enough time for the incubation period to complete.

For every action, there’s a reaction, right? Change your website, but don’t see results in 24 hours, so you keep changing the website every 24 – 48 hours, because you’re too impatient. Then, you don’t realize that the constant changes on your website are, themselves, the problem. If every time I go on your website, and just when I was getting used to the navigation, it all changes, I’ll get frustrated, and start looking to go elsewhere. Even if you’re the best at what you offer, people will go elsewhere, if they can’t expect consistency.

The only way to have focus, and consistency is to be consistent in every area.

Pick  your target markets; no more than three.

  • Develop the plan for how you’ll get those clients, and apply it consistently.
  • Then develop the plan for how you’ll on-board those clients, and apply it consistently.
  • Finally develop the plan for how you’ll service those clients, and apply it consistently.

Be consistent with the apps you use. I am finding, that when it comes to consulting with clients, I want to be consistent with the accounting software that I use. I can train clients in many accounting applications, and I do, however, when it comes to consulting with clients, and handling it for them, it is much easier to scale my business when we’re using the same software across the board. Otherwise we need another system for tracking which clients are in which accounting software. Then we need to know which staff members are versed in each product, or make sure everyone is trained in all products. Either way you can already start to see why serving clients with more than one accounting product creates a scaling issue – because it adds complexity to the internal process.

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The goal is to create a repeatable system, so that you can automate everything. Get the on boarding done, and get the clients 90% on auto pilot.

Once your system is setup, you have just three things to do each month, on each client:

  • Babysit the bank feeds.
  • Make sure the reports get out.
  • Communicate with the client.

I will expand on the execution of the above another time. For now I want to stay focused on the theme of consistency.

Next we’ll look more deeply at the Consistent Application of a Consistent Business Model.

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