How to Turn Smartsheet Into a Collections Agent

Make sure you bang that HD option in the video for best quality.

Whenever I hear about someone looking for a collections agent, I explain this process, so I figured it was time to do a video.

You can turn smartsheet into a collections agent in about 30 seconds, but adding a PDF of the invoice to a “Receivables Tracking Sheet” and creating an update request. You can decide how you want Smartsheet to handle this. My preference is to have Smartsheet send out the update request every day, Monday through Friday at 9 am.

This has proven to be very effective. People are already inundated with e-mails, and the last thing they want is another daily e-mail – especially one that reminds them, they owe money.

In once case someone called, and asked me to stop the e-mails. This was perfect, because I just said, sure. Send me a payment, and I promise the e-mails will stop immediately.

Of course I recommend that anyone you ever have to do this for be put on payment in advance (PIA) terms, once they’ve paid, and assuming you still want to work with them.