How To Streamline Project Management For Accounting Professionals

Turn Your Projects Into Command Central in ActiveCollab, and you’ll know how to streamline project management for accounting professionals.

I’ve been seeing a lot of people struggle with their project management apps and workflow. You may not even have what you consider to be any kind of workflow that you can speak of. Read on to find out how to streamline project management for accounting professionals. The quick answer is, you need to set up your project in ActiveCollab to be command central. This means that your project in ActiveCollab is the first, and one place you go to. From there you should have what you need to access everything else you ever need for that project.

The questions about which project management and workflow apps still come up as frequently now as they did a year ago. I see them on Facebook in our Between Wall and Main group as well as others.

There are many tools out there. I’ve played with many of them. I’ve run them all on live use cases, so that I could really get into the trenches and figure out what works, what doesn’t, and why.

The bad news about streamlining project management for accounting professionals

There is no one size fits all solution, and I can’t make how to streamline project management for accounting professionals easy for you by pointing to one tool and telling you THIS is the one you should use. Or maybe I can?

Here’s what I’ve learned.

It doesn’t work that way.

It struck me recently, when someone asked me to show her some tips and tricks for how I use ActiveCollab.

I answered,

“One of the reasons I chose it, is that it is the perfect out of the box solution. It’s very straightforward.”

Her reply?

“…yeah but I want to see HOW you are using it.”

Then it hit me. THAT may be the very secret ingredient that is missing for most people.

When I set up a project for a client, I want that project to be “Command Central” for that project. This is where everything comes together, and when I say everything I actually MEAN everything.

I use Google Docs. This makes it easy to link things. And since I AM using Google Docs, what I do is create a task list in the project called, “Reference.” The tasks in that list, won’t be tasks at all. It has the form of a task, but that’s it. It will never get checked off as completed.

In the body of that task I put the URL that takes me straight to that client’s folder in Google Drive. I also put the local file path to the same folder. This is just one of the ways I turn my ActiveCollab project into command central for that project.

how to streamline project management for accounting professionals

ActiveCollab’s WYSIWYG Editor

One thing I really like about ActiveCollab, is the wysiwyg editor you have in the body of a task. It makes it really easy (and quick) to do this kind of stuff. With other products like Asana and Trello you have to learn to use a special markup language to do the same basic formatting, and many of you probably didn’t even know THAT was an option in these products.

What makes a project in ActiveCollab Command Central?

Any time I am working on a client’s books, or any kind of project, the first thing I do is log into their project in ActiveCollab. Once I am there, I have access to everything I will ever need while I am working on that client.

In short, you streamline project management for accounting professionals by arranging it so that you never have to go hunting for that stuff.

This is important because it saves time. A lot of it. The whole key to working in this pure cloud ecosystem is using that ecosystem to make it super fast and easy to access everything and get what you need to do done, and done fast.

When I started the Accounting Business Academy, my 97 & Up project, I built an outline from which I’ve since been running, and rapidly growing the consulting part of my business. 2017 was my best year by a long shot. It’s not an accident.

I needed more than workflows. I needed REAL systems for how to get things done, and that is what I’ve been creating.

My journey in creating these systems, is what I share in our two weekly calls. I post the lessons and episodes every week. As of this writing, I have published 99 episodes covering a range of topics. Join my Accounting Business Academy program (my 97 & Up Project) and you can not only access all of these, but you can participate in them live, and ask specific questions, so you can learn exactly how to  streamline project management for accounting professionals in your own firm.

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