Step 2 on the Road to Authenticity with Erica and Seth – Finding A Power Greater Than Yourself

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Getting away from technology and getting into the outdoors is really important.

We climb mountains in business every day.

It’s important to stop and take a look at what you’ve accomplished.

If you took the time, ESPECIALLY during your busy season, to do something like go hiking in the morning, you would get more done in less time. You probably would not need to put in the time that you are putting in, to get it all done. You would be better centered and better focused, and on that basis you would get much more work done in much less time.

Many successful people have morning routines that specifically exclude the use of technology.

When I meditate with one of the guides explains that the mind is like a cup of muddy water. The more you let it settle, the clearer it becomes. This is from their Deep Concentration meditation.

Seth: I do the Deep Concentration meditation in the morning, and the Deep Sleep / Relaxation one at night.

Step 1 takeaways:

  1. Practice Mediation
  2. List the things you’re powerless over.
  3. List the things you’ll do the next time you become aware you are in a reactive mode.

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Lack of Power is Our Dilemma

They key to understanding powerlessness, is understanding that you are powerless over other people, places, and things.

Where you DO have power is with respect to yourself.

I have to own everything that happens to me.

This way I have the power to do something about it.

One trap we fall into is an old pattern of thinking things like, “it’s not my fault” or “I did everything I could do.”

The solution is to have a good support system. These are people I can turn to and rely on to be honest with me. These people will not co-sign and sugar coat my BS. They will call me on it.

Another trap here is that you might make mistakes in terms of whom you trust.

People will let you down.

This is why you need a group of people.

You also want to have different people with different areas of expertise.

I wrote an article called, “Almost Normal” about this.

You never want my opinions about anything, but if I’ve had the experience, you’re welcome to it.

And by the way, your Facebook friends are not this group!!

Have you been “here?”


What did you do to get through this.

And by the way that’s kind of what this whole podcast is about.

If you are not getting the support that you want from the people around you, then you are probably surrounding yourself with the wrong people.

When people just tear you down, you can recognize a certain kind of person who clearly tears you down to reassure you that you need to rely on them. This is not healthy.

By leaning on the right people for the right guidance, I fall on my face a lot less often.

How do we go about finding the five people?

It may take a while, and you might pick some of the wrong people along the way.

But you probably already have some or all of these people in your life.

Who’s the first person you think of calling when you need guidance?

What we’re talking about creating is a mastermind group.

If done well, the group consists of people who all help each other.

You have to keep an open mind to begin to identify these people.

It doesn’t have to be a formal group. They may not even know they are your mastermind group.

Go into your CRM and tag 5 people “mastermind” and make notes about whom you go to for what.

Don’t ask for relationship advice from someone who’s been divorced 5 times. Find someone who’s been successfully married for 20 years or more.

There are also people who are out of your direct reach. You won’t get them on the phone. But they’ve written books with a lot of guidance.

Use some of your “Facebook” time and replace it with time reading books from people who have gotten where you want to be.

We should be setting aside two hours a day to read, and we should read from people. People who have lots of experience, who have fallen down, gotten back up, and written about how they got through falling down, and how they got back up again.

Other resources:

Podcasts 😉

Videos on YouTube

Another idea is to use something like and create your mastermind group in the form of a meetup!

Or do it on Zoom if your group is spread out!

In 97 & Up we do two weekly calls in Zoom, and then we follow up all week long in Slack.

The idea that two or more people together can accomplish what neither of them can do apart, is an example of what it means to rely on a power greater than yourself.

Takeaways / Action Items

  1. Make a list of the qualities that you would like to find in your support group.
  2. Make a list of the people – ANYONE you would want in your group, accessible or not.

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