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What it was like

Brooke was a “devil” child for a while, so she’s glad social media wasn’t around back then. By the time social media was around, Brooke had reverted back to an angel.

She really wanted to be a veterinarian because she loves animals, but when she realized she had to help them when they were sick or injured, she could no longer be a vet. She was too sensitive and loved the animals too much to bear seeing them sick or hurt.

Brooke wanted to get into media as a weather woman, but she didn’t like that so much.

So she moved around from one thing to another, until she found her calling.

She did a “pub crawl. Using Facebook she was able to get 7,500 people and raise $60,000.

That’s when she knew what she needed to do with her life.


Brooke went to the Dan Rather School of Communication to become a weather woman. That didn’t work out, but she eventually went back to study communication in a way that prepared her for what she is doing today.

Brooke did not like being on camera.

The weather Girl Movie I was referring to:

When Brooke worked in real estate she really liked the sales aspect of it. Even now she is the sales team for her company.

She likes the chase. I love what she said about why she waited so long to get married. Once you “have them” it gets boring.

What Happened

So what were the struggles?

Leaving school for the boy.

So she went back to school at age 29. She moved in with her parents to finish school. One year turned into 2, because not everything transferred.

This turned out to be the most amazing decision she ever made, because it lead to her company now (B Squared) and her husband.

Starting over can be overwhelming.

So how did Brooke get reassured when she felt overwelmed?

She got ridiculously focused on her work for school.

I was just reflecting to someone that I found when I was engaged in a learning process of my own, I forgot about all of my worries. It helped me get relief from my usual anxiety about everything I want to do etc…

Appparently when you go back to school as an old person, they call you an “adult student.”

Then someone invited her to go away on a trip and she resisted.

Then she went.

Then she realized that she can have fun too!

Stress can be the number one offender.

Stress management may be the answer.

We have to PLAN the fun stuff. It needs to be on the calendar and it needs to be just as important as an appointment with a client.

Put success in your way.

What It’s Like Today

So what about sales?

You don’t have to be that sleazy used car salesman.

Sales is about listening first.

Understanding what the customers problems and needs are.

Sales should be win, win, win.

So when it comes to your company, B Squared working with clients, how do you work with companies to translate their brand into social media when it’s not the face and voice of the person who is central to that brand?

The answer? First we have to define your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). We have to find out who you are. Then we can represent that, and we can hand it off to you when you’re ready.

What are the demographics of your target audience?

What are the psychographics of whom you’re looking for (ie) what are their interests.

When it comes to advertising it is NOT easy.

You have to do a ton of split testing.

You have to test on multiple platforms.

Test, test, test, and tweak.

Test and tweak, and test and tweak.

It will cost money, but once you figure it out, it will pop!

Or just hire Brooke!

Find Brook here:

Everything you need to contact them is there!

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