The only thing you can do wrong in terms of social media for business is not use social media for your business. You can make mistakes and do things wrong and it’s ok because you’re learning. The main thing is getting out there and doing it.

The question of course is which sites should I be on and the answer is all of the major ones; Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, & Google Plus for sure. Beyond that it really depends on where you think your market, but the sites I just mentioned are the ones where most everybody is hanging out. For business, LinkedIN for sure is the most important one. You will of course want to fill out your profile in great detail and mind how it is written. Use your key words, address your audience and talk about the benefits of working with you. Please do not talk about your experience. No one cares. They only want to know what is in it for them.

Filling out your profiles is where you get to do your selling. The rest of it is just conversation. You have to go out there, talk to people and find out about THEM. If you find that you enjoy it when someone starts asking about you and expressing an interest in you then there is a good chance others enjoy that too. So get interested and most importantly CARE! Go out there and care about people, what they are looking for and how you can help. Of course if you have useful information you can offer by way of tutorials then I urge you to add YouTube into the mix, start recording videos and broadcast them using the tools available that let you automate your messages on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN. There are many out there. I use Social Oomph (

The most important thing is a little known Social Media Secret. Have fun with it! If you get out there and have fun that will show. People will get curious about you and check out your profile where you have done all of your selling work because you have a profile that is filled out properly. Then they will offer you referrals or call you for your services themselves.

Most of my calls come in as a direct result of my YouTube channel and I didn’t even talk about that in this video. That will be next week’s social media topic!

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