We’ve seen a number of ratios, and discussed how to analyze them. We’ve discussed what they mean, and how they’re calculated. You should make sure that up to this point, you can run a set of financial statements, get them into Google Sheets, like I did, and then write the simple formulas to calculate the ratios. Doing this will enlarge upon your understanding of these ratios, even if you think you already know them.

Once you have these ratios down – how to calculate them, what they mean, and how to analyze and interpret them, you are ready to look at a solution that packages these ratios up in a way that makes them really easy to understand, not to mention pleasing to the eyes.

Finagraph is a tool that takes everything we’ve reviewed so far, and then a whole lot more, and packages it up into a visually appealing, easy to understand, dashboard.

Not only does finagraph make it nice to look at, but as you click on the various metrics you’ll get pop up windows with explanations about everything.

Finagraph is a visual learning tool, that makes it easy to calculate and package the analytics that you want to use to better serve your clients.

Oh and it’s free!

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