offers many options for what you can do with your receipts once they are uploaded and scanned. This post focuses on the Excel export. The great thing about MS Excel and data is that you have tremendous flexibility in terms of both organization and presentation. There are actually 2 export options that can be used in MS Excel. The MS Excel Export, and the CSV. The CSV gives you a very generic plain text file which can easily be opened in MS Excel and then you have free reign to format the information any way you like, and formatting cells in MS Excel is actually very easy to do.

There are many things you can do with the information once in has been exported to MS Excel. This screen cast focuses on filtering the data by category and formatting the cells to make the information easy to read. I demonstrate the ‘select visible cells’ feature which allows you to take filtered data and copy only what is visible to another sheet. This is a great way to create a quick report based on a specific aspect of your data.

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