Shaquille O’Neal to Speak at QuickBooks Connect

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Intuit announced today that they’ve added Shaquille O’Neal to the main stage lineup at QuickBooks Connect.

Shaquille O’Neal is a cultural icon, best known for his NBA career, spanning nearly two decades. He has also established himself as a powerful media personality, entrepreneur, and businessman over the years.

I learned not to question the main stage speakers after the first QuickBooks Connect. I’ll admit, that time, I was wondering why they had chosen some of the people. Then I saw them, and I learned very quickly that each and every one of them has succeeded in accomplishing what each and every one of us wants to accomplish. They’ve accomplished this on a very large scale.

In 2014, featured Mr. O’Neal in this article:
Shaq’s Still Scoring in Retirement

What you’ll learn in that article is that Shaquille O’Neal has gone beyond the hoop, and he’s built a personal brand. Companies hire him to represent their products, You’ve seen his Gold Bond commercials, right? He goes on tours, and appears on national TV all of the time.

If you pay attention to what is happening in our world, then you can see how the playing field has leveled. It is easy in this day and age to build a brand, using social media.

Do you think Shaquille O’Neal isn’t using social media to up his game?

Visit to learn more about what Shaquille O’Neal is up to these days, and why I can’t wait to hear what he has to share with us at QuickBooks Connect 2016!
See you there!


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