Still struggling with a solution for getting your receipts and bills scanned / digital?

There are many options for getting receipts and bills from paper to some digital format.

Which one works for you?

Maybe this one does.

Instead of using photos from your mobile device and an app, why not send them to us to get them scanned for you.

We’ll scan them, name them properly and then save them in whatever file sharing service you prefer:

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • ShareFile
  • Other

We can even forward them to a service like Billbeez for you

You name the service and we’ll save it there.

The process is simple.

  • Sign up for a plan.
  • Fill out the form we will send you to, so you can indicate your scanning preferences.
  • Print your cover sheet so we know whose documents these are (provided to you during signup).
  • Put the cover sheet in an envelope with all of your documents and send them into the address provided.
  • We will email you when we’ve received your documents.
  • Then we will email you to confirm that your documents are online and syncing to the file service you specified on the form during signup.

Got a lot of catch up scanning to do?

  • Start with our catch up plan
  • Then downgrade to the maintenance plan


Scanning Service – Catch Up Plan (500 Docs)

Scanning Service – Maintenance Plan (150 Docs)