Leverage Seth’s willingness to

  • Generate written content
  • Videos
  • Beta test – provide feedback
  • Provide testimonials
  • Refer immediately to his clients

Provide information to Seth prior to your call:

  • New Integrations
  • New Features
  • Exciting Announcements


We’ll need to generate an agreement with deliverables however the following table below will give you an idea about what you can expect when you work with us - take a look below.

  • Video content
  • Blog content
  • Social media marketing consulting for client staff (1 meeting monthly)
  • Partnership/feature update call w/ designated staff
  • Beta testing with feedback
  • Monthly call (Possibly set up a Facebook Group for this)
Ongoing/upon request
  • Traveling to major events to teach advanced cert
  • Start conversations on the behalf of client on social media
    • Linkedin groups
    • Facebook groups
  • Content
    • Strategy meetings to identify and outline campaigns
    • Weekly meetings – quick re-cap and follow up on current campaign.
    • Trello Board for tracking and managing ideas.
General Plans & Strategy

Develop and/or build out a strong partner program to recruit and motivate accounting and bookkeeping professionals to develop a stream of revenue around recommending the product(s).

Compensation $5,000 monthly