There has been a lot of talk about how to price your services

How about pricing things based on what gets you excited to do the work? Too much emphasis is placed on the value to the client, and that’s way too subjective. Charge more because the client makes more money, so the services are more valuable to him or her? Sounds like taking advantage of someone just because they make more money. Charge less because someone needs the break? Now you’re working too hard and not making enough money. This this talk I’ll show you how to price your services in such a way that makes YOU happy, and the clients are very well taken care of.

It’s about living above the line, and going out of your way to understand people, without sacrificing your own happiness or morals!

Pricing - Hire Seth David to Speak

Fees for speaking engagements are as follows:

$1,500/day plus travel expenses.
This includes all days I have to be there, and any/all sessions you ask me to speak on, while I am there.