I know that I have struggled and still do struggle with how to organize and schedule my social media content. I have often wanted to more clearly define how I segment my content across social networks ultimately giving you a reason to want to join me on all of them. If everything I do goes to every social network then one it represents a bit of overkill and second, you only need join me in one place.

This will without a doubt remain a work in progress, maybe permanently, but for the time being I have at least made a beginning at defining how I organize and schedule my social media content by designing a template in MS Excel that makes it easy for me to

List the social networks I am on
Define what content goes where and
Schedule the timing and location for my content to be posted.

Enjoy the video and especially if you get something out of it, please post your comments either here on my blog or directly in the video’s description on YouTube and let me know what your thoughts are. Of course I welcome any suggestions you have for improving this. As I said, this is only a beginning.

Download the template for free over here: