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Scalus Help File E-mail Forwarding

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When you’re using Scalus for managing your projects in the cloud, you can forward e-mails into scalus to make it easy to track the ones that require follow up. What’s great about this is that those e-mails become tasks in Scalus with all of the incredible features that this offers. The messages that allow you to discuss it, who will follow up, when it will be do, and which “Team” or project that task will wind up in.

There are essentially two ways an e-mail can be forwarded into Scalus;

  • You can forward e-mails to a global Scalus e-mail address, or
  • Every team you create gets its own unique e-mail that you can forward to. This will cause the e-mail / task to be assigned to that team as it arrives into Scalus.

The recommended practice here, especially if you’re in the process of cleaning your inbox, is to use the global address. This way you don’t need to think about it. Forward all of your e-mails to the global scalus e-mail for your account. Then you can filter your tasks for “No Team” and assign it then. There have been a few instances, where I forwarded e-mails to a generic team I have called, “Seth’s Day” and then realized I wanted to create a new team for that, and other e-mails. Once a task has a team established, you cannot change the team.

Also, and this is not mentioned in the video, I set up two contacts in my e-mail contacts;

  • Scalus (Seth’s Project) and
  • Scalus (unassigned) – this is the global one.

This is a tremendous time saver when I have 600 e-mails in my inbox and I want a way to quickly forward e-mails into Scalus, without having to stop and think too much about where I am forwarding to.

Having the ability to forward your e-mails into Scalus is critical to your workflow process. This is just one of many examples of how powerful Scalus is when it comes to managing, tracking, and collaborating on tasks in the cloud.

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