Price Rules (known in QuickBooks Desktop as Price Levels) are now in Beta in QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online price rules are powerful, robust, and easy to use. This is how you can establish standard pricing, and then automate the process of creating special pricing for any scenario where you can imagine you’d want to do this. I’m going to use the example of “VIP Pricing” where you want to establish for certain clients and products, they get a better price because they are a VIP to you! Here’s how to use Price Rules in QuickBooks Online.

Turn on QuickBooks Online price rules!

First you need to turn on the feature. This can be found in the settings area (Gear Icon) within QuickBooks Online.

Gear Icon → Account and Settings → Sales → Products and Services

Create a New Price Rule

Once you have QuickBooks Online price rules turned on, you can navigate to the Price Rules in the same area where you find all lists, under Products and Services:

Gear Icon → All Lists → Products and Services → Price Rules

You can also access Price Rules from within any product or service.

Edit the product, and look toward the bottom.

Name your QuickBooks Online price rule!

I am going to call mine, “Business Management VIP Pricing” so I can easily offer a discount of $500 on the service to selected clients.

Set the criteria

QuickBooks Online Price Rules and Dates

You can set a date range. For example, let’s say during your busy season, you want to increase all prices by 25 %. I’ll show you this example in the video.

Leave the dates blank, if this is a permanent and ongoing adjustment.


Choose which customers this applies to. Or set it to apply to all customers.

If you choose to select customers individually, then there will be a tab below, where you add customers to the rule. The rule will only be applied to customers included here.


This works just like customers. You can choose to select a product type, or category (if you’ve created one). Assuming you choose to select products individually, then you will see a tab next to customers to select the products you would like the price rule to apply to.

How to Adjust the Price

This is a good time to check your products and services list, to confirm that you do have prices in place. All of these price rules are set “relative” to the product’s standard price.

At this point you can choose to adjsut the standard price by the following:

  • Percentage
  • Fixed
  • Custom Price Per Item

Increase or Decrease

This is pretty simple. Are you increasing the standard price, or decreasing it.


How much are you adjusting the standard price by? This is either a dollar amount, or a percentage, depending on what you chose above.

Rounding / No Rounding

Meh! Keep it simple. No Rounding

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