QuickBooks Online Banking has been around for a while now so most people know how to use it. The trouble with doing tutorials based on it is that you really can’t use sample data so most of my teaching on this topic has been reserved for for private sessions. One thing that does come up frequently and it is not always clear how to handle it is when you initially download your transactions using the online banking module in QuickBooks. The downloaded transactions go into a que and depending on your bank, the very first time you download the transactions may go back a ways in time. By now you have likely entered and reconciled everything and QuickBooks will not let you match up a reconciled transaction from the online banking. So you need to delete the extra unwanted, unmatched transactions from the que.

The solution is simple, but it may not be obvious. Simply delete the Que once you have confirmed that everything you DO want has been added into QuickBooks from the Online Banking Download Que. Not sure if that makes sense? Watch the video then post your comments and questions below!