Every year QuickBooks comes out with a new edition. Some people complain that they “force” you to upgrade every year. The truth is they don’t force you to upgrade every year. You could go for up to 3 years without upgrading and still enjoy the full use of all of the features you use in your current edition. They do retire the old versions after 3 years. I know this seems unfair, but imagine what the cost would be for them to pay staff to support all of these old editions.

So the question is whether or not QuickBooks 2012 is worth the upgrade, especially if you are already using QuickBooks 2009 or newer. I am not going to tell you what to do. My only objective here is to present you with the features and then let you decide if this is something you want or need! If you are like me and you love to play with all of the new bells and whistles then go buy the upgrade right now because I will say that some of the new features are really cool!

Download the full 1 hour review of the new features in QuickBooks 2012 and how to use them in my Knowledge Store:

Intuit liked this video so much that they asked my permission to use excerpts from it in their e-mail campaigns for QuickBooks 2012