Progress Invoicing in QuickBooks Online is a long awaited feature and it was recently added. Last month I believe (see posting date above). You start with an estimate, and then you can create invoices off of that estimate.

When you are doing progress invoicing in QuickBooks Online you have three choices:

  • Invoice the whole thing.
  • Invoice a percentage across the board.
  • Invoice specific items.

Construction companies need progress invoicing in QuickBooks Online.

You still can’t do the cost side yet, but if that is a concern, here’s how you can get your construction company into QuickBooks Online.

There are other use cases.

Let’s say you’re an eCommerce company selling specific, high value items.

You send an estimate to your customer.

The customer approves.

Then you bill as you ship.

Progress invoicing in QuickBooks Online is the perfect way to handle the partial shipments.

Let’s say you’re a contract killer for hire?

You send an estimate.

Your customer approves.

Then you bill 50% up front, and 50% on completion!

Just wondering who’s paying attention here!

Progress invoicing in QuickBooks Online cures a big headache for those who need it.
Learn how to do it (see video above).
Find the use cases for it.
Implement it.
Then figure out what you’re going to do with the time you just free’d up!

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