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Manage Your Accounting and Bookkeeping Projects – A Complete Blueprint


Instead of wasting more hours trying to figure out which application to use, let me simplify it for you.

I can help you to stop figuring out project management, and start getting back to work

Scroll down and click to expand the description below for an outline of what I’m covering.

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Hint – it’s not WHAT you use, it’s HOW you use it!



  •  Content
    • Jessica Mah recently confirmed my theory. Project management problems start with people, and end with the tool. She also confirmed that most any tool can be used. It’s just a question of learning how to use it.
    • I’ve chosen Activecollab because after trying seemingly all of them, I truly feel that Activecollab does the best job of giving us everything we need in a platform that makes it incredibly easy to set up and manage our projects.
    • In this webinar I am going to show you the following
      • How to set up your projects for an accounting or bookkeeping practice
      • Task Lists – How to Structure and use them
      • How to create and use project templates
      • Creating tasks is easy, but I’m going to show you everything you can do with them
        • The Editor – something you don’t see in any of the other applications
        • Attachments
        • Assignments
        • Labels
      • How to create recurring tasks.
      • Using tasks as reference items to link to everything else you need for that client.
      • Collaboration
        • Assigning tasks and sub-tasks
        • Discussion
      • How to use Labels with tasks (bigger picture)
        • Local
        • Global
      • Filtering within your Projects so you can focus on what you need to do in the moment
        • Filtering on Task Lists
        • Filtering on Assignees
        • Filtering on Due Dates
        • Filtering on Labels
      • Changing your views to maximize efficiency (you shouldn’t have to stick with one)
      • Reports – this is the ultimate reason why I love ActiveCollab more than any other project.
        • Think pivot table for your project management app. You can create almost any view you can imagine needing.
      • Notes
        • How to use them
        • How to create a note stack to keep them organized
        • Discussion

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