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Go Big in 2019 – Close more Prospects and Get Paid More!

$247.50 / week for 2 weeks

It’s almost 2019 and you want to do things differently this year.

You want different results.

You want better results.

You want the right clients.

And you want more of them.

Part 1 – Techniques for Closing Prospects

Learn to qualify prospects and make sure they are the right fit – clients you will enjoy working with.

Why the phone is more effective than any other way.

Get prospects on the phone without wasting time.

Acquire valuable skills to be more confident getting on the phone with prospects and get them as clients.

Use the phone to your advantage

  • How to start the conversation.
  • What not to do / say on the phone.
  • Techniques for closing – getting the client to sign up.

Starting the on boarding process – getting the first payment.

What to do immediately after the sale.

Part 2 – Setting Goals and Pricing Your Services

  • Reviewing Your Ideal Client (Homework from Part 1)
  • Establish your core monthly service
  • Set your annual goal
  • Turn your annual goal into your middle pricing plan
  • Create your pricing table
    • Google Slides can make this easy to update and maintain
  • Get in front of your target audience and make them come to you
  • The one clause you’re missing in your service agreement that will practically guarantee clients give you what you need on time.

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Additional benefit / deliverable:

I am going to put together a digital notebook for you with information from the webinar and resources you can use.

Sign up, stay tuned and you’ll see what I mean!

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