• Belly Button Bloggers with Chris Brogan

    Goto https://owner.media/insiderwelcome to join Chris’ group Chris says that nobody knows who he is. I disagree. I met Chris originally on Twitter. Chris says that when he sees people on twitter trying to push the now 280 character limit, instead of “get a room” he thinks, “get a blog!” As a kid, Chris learned to […]

  • Social Media Pub Crawl with Brooke B. Sellas

    Find Brook here: www.bsquared.media What it was like Brooke was a “devil” child for a while, so she’s glad social media wasn’t around back then. By the time social media was around, Brooke had reverted back to an angel. She really wanted to be a veterinarian because she loves animals, but when she realized she […]

  • Why the Girl Became a Cat with Shanna Forrestall

    What it Was Like Shanna was a good student. Not a science or math person. It took her awhile to find her “art.” She was creative, but what about practical skills? She played a lot. She loved creating imaginary worlds and stories. Her family didn’t have a lot of money growing up. Her mom would […]

  • 30 Blank Pages to Fill with Jill Konrath

    https://www.jillkonrath.com/ https://www.jillkonrath.com/sales-blog What it Was Like Jill was “nerdy!” growing up. Unlike most nerds she had a social mother. So Jill learned how to be social as a nerd. 30 blank pages to fill Jill liked the Yearbook in High School because she loved the idea that she had 30 blank pages to fill. Jill […]

  • The Possibilitarian with Ed Kless

    Ed along with Ron Baker is responsible for bringing the concept of value pricing to the professions like legal, and accounting. The concept itself – the concept of value, and where does value come from dates back to the ancient Greeks. Even the economist Adam Smith got a lot of it wrong, so it is […]