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G Suite is a service that helps you run your entire business.

Google has the best security in the business – learn more here – G Suite Security <– Click there

From your admin panel in G Suite you can easily add new users, set policies, and even remotely wipe their mobile device in the event of theft or loss of that device.

Adding users is as easy as sending an email to an existing account of theirs, and they are up and running in about 30 seconds! Ever tried to add a new user to an exchange server? Call your IT person, and block off a few hours on your calendar.

Meanwhile the document suite offered by Google is unmatched. Not even my Microsoft. Google has an amazing suite of office tools that you can use, share, and collaborate with others in a real time co-authoring environment. And yes! Google Sheets does everything Excel does. Even Pivot tables and Macros.

I have all of my clients’ cash flow projections in Google Sheets now, and they love it. My clients love getting in there with me and updating, discussing, and analyzing variances without the hassle of emailing files back and forth.

Sign up and then get some 1:1 with us so we can help you get set up and moving fast with G Suite!