Section 1 – Overview of Microsoft Excel

I have been teaching this course for about a year now at Santa Monica College.

Each time I have taught it, I handed out evaluation forms. You see I am not one of these people that has a tremendous ego, and thinks I do everything perfectly. At first it was hard to read some of the more critical feedback. I found myself getting defensive.

Ultimately I realized that the feedback I was provided was how I could improve my course. This course, and the two that will follow it; Intermediate and Advanced Excel are the evolution of several rounds of feedback I received after teaching the course live.

I slowed the pace, allowing more time for practice and exercises. I also spread the course out from what was originally all one course into the three levels, Basic, Intermediate, and advanced.

The critical or negative feedback is actually the most useful. I welcome it now, so if you have any feedback, good or bad, please visit the contact page on our site and submit your feedback that way. Make sure you indicate which course you are referring to or I may not have any way of knowing!

I hope you enjoy the course and get a ton out of it.

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