If you are like me then you are active on many social media sites and you have made connections with people on all of them.

Some people you are connected with across each social site, and some contacts are exclusive to one or another. The question is, how do you manage this? When I am looking for someone I have to remember which site I am connected to them on. Will I send them a tweet? Post on their Facebook wall, send a message through LinkedIN, or maybe I am an early adapter and I have them circled on Google+ so i can post an update to them individually or I can post to a circle I’ve included them in.

How many social media sites do you have a presence on? Three? Four? Five?

Let’s see.. here are my profiles:

Facebook (2 – personal and business)

Twitter (@nerdenterprises)

LinkedIN (http://www.linkedin.com/in/nerdenterprises)

YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/nerdenterprises)

Google+ (brand new) (http://profiles.google.com/nerdenterprisesinc)

– and some other smaller ones that I really don’t pay attention to..

So how the heck can we keep track of all of these sites!? Wouldn’t it be great to have one place that brings it all together for us?

My friend Scott Carrey who was invited to this group and will be joining us eventually when he decides which of his existing groups to drop because he’s at his limit told me about this site called http://www.gist.com.

It’s an app and you give it permission to access your address book as well as all of your social network sites. Hint: log in to each of your sites ahead of time in different browser tabs. This will speed up the process.

Gist is amazing! It will go through your contacts and start finding their profiles on any/all sites out there as well as any news and media about them. It aggregates all of this into an online dossier and then it organizes your contacts based on importance. Based on whom you communicate with the most. You can manually adjust this. When you visit a person’s profile in Gist you will see recent correspondence you’ve had with them through your e-mail and even Facebook’s messages. It’s actually a little scary how just by adding a name and an e-mail address this app is able to find a ton of information about the people you are connected to. You will get notifications about new profiles Gist has found on people and you can check to be sure it is really one of “their” profiles and then confirm it in.

Do me a favor! Check this application out and then come back and comment on it here. I would love to read your thoughts!