If you’re like me then you want immediate access to everything all of the time. So I like to keep a bunch of tabs open. This helps me get a lot done in a short period of time. I can have Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, and Google Plus all open at once and this makes it easy for me to jump from one to the next and dive into the conversations that are taking place. Other times I want them open but I would like them sort of tucked away so they don’t distract me while I am working. Tab Groups make it easy to do this.

Using Firefox Tab Groups for convenience when working in many social media sites is one excellent manner in which I have used them. Sometimes I want to have a bunch of Facebook pages open; one for the main feed, one for the business page, and one each for some of the groups I like to hangout in. I might want to do something similar with Google Plus, and LinkedIN is definitely a place where I can have several tabs open at once because I belong to many different groups. Then sort of like a to do list all it’s own I can knock off tabs as I reply to various discussions on there. This is an example of why I might want a separate tab group going for each social network. The screen cast I recorded on Firefox Tab Groups will demonstrate exactly what this looks like.

How do you think you might be able to use Firefox Tab Groups? Please post your comments here!