How to Organize My Tasks in Evernote

Everyday we all wake up and we want that virtual assistant like the ones you see in the movies to wake up with us, and keep us on point. We want that dashboard with the reminders of exactly what we need to be doing, every hour of the day. Many of us need and want that kind of structure. It helps us stay focused. I’ve found a way to how to organize my tasks in Evernote, which has helped me tremendously.

The trick in how to organize my tasks in Evernote, or any app is finding the features you need, to create the digital ecosystem that works for you. The reason I love Evernote so much for this, is that Evernote has the many robust features that allow me to create the system that works perfectly for me.

It’s easy to keep to do lists, and there are many applications for that. What can be difficult is getting the app to make it easy for me to see in a glance, what needs to be done today. When I want to organize my tasks in Evernote, I need to be able to see this from every angle. Many apps, for example, only let me see what needs to be done for a specific project. Then I have to go project, by project to see what is on my agenda for today. Evernote let’s me see anything and everything with any filters I need, so that I can see things 360 degrees around.

Evernote does not work for me on collaboration. organize my tasks in Evernote, but I don’t like having shared notebooks, because then their tags get co-mingled with mine, and I can’t reorganize or even hide them. I also don’t like the conflicts that can happen when you are sharing in Evernote. So I use evernote to track and manage the things that only concern me, or my part. I might have something in evernote, that reminds me to do something for a client, where I am collaborating with a bookkeeper on that client. Then I know that the rest of the information I need, especially for collaboration purposes, will be found in another app. The one I use when I need to collaborate with a client.

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