Of course the minute I finally decide to start doing videos on YouTube ABOUT YouTube they go and change everything around right after I’ve done my first two videos on the topic. They forced my hand – now I have to do a video reviewing the changes and what you can see here as well as what you can do here. Please enjoy my short video on the New YouTube, the options, where they are, what to click on and why or why not to click on or change anything!

Some people resist change (inertia). The term inertia is also sometimes used to refer to people who aren’t affected by things that go on around them. So which are you? Are you affected by changes like this or do you embrace them? Every time Facebook makes changes to their platform people get all excited until they get used to the changes. It’s interesting to see people’s reactions. I tend to embrace these changes. It’s like they took an old toy and made it brand new.

So tell me what YOU think about these changes. Do you like them? Why or Why not?