I’ve got my Pellegrino with lemon, business cards spread out on the table between my chest and my laptop while I sit here capping off the night. I was at a Chamber of Commerce Event. The Burbank Chamber of Commerce to be exact. I love these things. I really enjoy meeting people and tonight was no exception. I met people from Burbank, California who own and run small businesses. Some of whom are just starting out. I remember when I started out – before I moved to Burbank. In fact moving to Burbank was the result and in my experience a clear indication of my success. I remember years ago getting a client with a post production company right on Burbank Blvd in Burbank. My accounting and bookkeeping service had taken off and I was working with bigger companies and charging 3x what I started out charging. I bought a house and settled in my new home here in Burbank, CA. I love it. I still get up every day 5 years later and thank G-d! I can’t believe this is mine. What a gift!

So tonight I went to a Burbank Chamber of Commerce mixer and met some great people. Dale Barbee has a business called “Perfectly Green Events”. There will be no garbage at the end of your event. Everything will be recycled or otherwise processed in a “Green” manner. So your “dream” event will now be your Green Event! Here is her card – I love having my all in one right next to me J

The other one whom I spoke with for a while was Sara Vandenbusch. She owns Pet Protraits. As a Freak animal lover myself, I can really appreciate what she does!

I love meeting people, I especially love meeting people who are local to me here in Burbank, and I really love meeting other people who run businesses here in Burbank. Of course most of us can and do use the internet to reach people everywhere but the idea of offering my bookkeeping services to people who are local here in Burbank, CA really appeals to me because no matter how much I may love the internet, you still can’t beat the opportunity to make that very personal face to face connection with people.

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