Some things I won’t do that SOME other QuickBooks Consultants will

Promoting a product or service I haven’t actually tried myself

I will not promote a product or service just because someone else does. You can join groups like the Sleeter Group and the many Intuit online forums to get great information but I have seen something amongst a small group of these people that frankly disturbs me. They jump at the opportunity to promote a product “just because” Doug Sleeter has touted it. Or they denounce a product for the same reason. When I promote a product or service it is because I have actually used it myself and found it working. You can search the internet and find a lot of bad press about using QuickBooks with Drop Box for example. From what I have seen 90% of it is people regurgitating what someone else has said and not a single one of them has actually tried it themselves to see if the bad press holds any water. In my experience it holds none. Drop box works great, but like ANY tool you have to know how it works and how to use it properly. If you don’t know how to handle a hammer and a nail you are bound to smash your finger at some point.

Touting myself as a “Guru”

The two keys to success in my experience are mastering the combination of humility and gratitude. Anytime someone touts themselves as an expert or a guru at ANYTHING they lack both of these important qualities. I have seen QuickBooks consultants tout themselves as a “Twitter Guru”. Then I look at their profile and I see that they have 2,000 followers and they are following 2,122 – about even. This is not indicative of a leader. A leader follows people who offer information that is useful to THEM. They don’t just follow people because THEY followed. A leader engages with their audience and offers good information. Also touting “oneself” as any kind of guru is indicative of anything BUT leadership. A true leader follows their own path, leaving in their wake anyone who tries to stop them from reaching their goals.

Refuse to conform

I refuse to conform and I refuse to give up doing my OWN thing. As a QuickBooks consultant I have found it valuable to do my own homework and only offer an opinion on something I have actually tried. Regurgitating someone else’s opinion on something I have not tried myself is doing my following an extreme disservice. I wouldn’t do it and I would never tolerate it in my own community. Follow the people you respect so that when they offer an opinion about something THEY have tried you are informed to try it yourself.

Filtering Information

There is so much information floating around out there. Some of it is credible, much of it is not. We have a big challenge ahead in terms of figuring out how to sieve through all of this information and figure out what is worth our time investment and what is not. My suggestion is to look AROUND the source. See where it is coming from. If someone is offering an opinion about a product or service look a step further and see if they have actually tried it themselves. If they are simply referencing someone else’s opinion then move on to THAT person, because that’s who has the experience to offer you intelligent answers to your questions like “why does/doesn’t it work”.

What are you an expert in? Just kidding, please don’t answer that but feel free to post your comments below. I would love to read them!