How I Use Smartsheet to Create a Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist

Over the years, I’ve see a lot of people request some sort of monthly bookkeeping checklist for a bookkeeping engagement. I never really bothered with them. I just created what I need on a case by case basis.

About two years ago I stumbled on a monthly bookkeeping checklist that I had created.

I created it in Microsoft Excel, and I had forgotten all about it. I created this monthly bookkeeping checklist when I was doing a lot of work on behalf of a CPA firm. Mostly what I was doing were audits, and occasionally they would send me out to a client to help their bookkeeper.

After doing a number of audits, I realized that the audit process was one that would actually serve the bookkeeping process will. I just needed to adapt and simplify it for monthly review. In a monthly bookkeeping engagement you would not send balance confirmations out to banks, vendors, and customers. Instead you have whatever process you can develop, internally to make sure that these amounts look right. Bank reconciliations are your way of confirming the bank balances. Reviewing the balance sheet line by line, on a monthly basis will undoubtedly keep the books in check.

When you audit a set of books, you basically beat the hell out of the balance sheet, and then review the profit and loss statement. When I stumbled on that old monthly bookkeeping checklist, I realized that I had fashioned it after an audit. It was made to be a very detailed monthly bookkeeping checklist. As I reviewed it, I realized, this would make for a seriously mind blowing customer service experience to clients. It’s as thorough as a monthly bookkeeping checklist can be.

Recently I had the idea to take my monthly bookkeeping checklist to the next level. In short, I created the Smartsheet version of it. This is what you’ll see in this video. It has all of the thoroughness of the original, with all of the bells and whistles that Smartsheet offers, in terms of alerts, and conditional formatting, that let you know in an instant, where your attention is needed.

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